2023 pixpills x Hyosung art contest

2023 픽스필즈x효성 아트 콘테스트

I applied for the art campaign contest introducing the core technology and products of Hyosung Advanced Materials and also participated in an exhibition that was associated with it.

The art campaign contest and exhibition were hosted by Hyosung and pixpills.

In my submission, I showcased how Hyosung's advanced materials and technology contribute to ensuring safety and comfort in people's daily lives. Additionally, I emphasized the eco-friendliness of the technology by depicting the harmony between people using it and the natural environment that serves as its backdrop.

A pop-up exhibition was held at MUSINSA TERRACE SEONG-SU on May 25-28 2023.

효성첨단소재의 핵심 기술과 제품을 소개하는 아트 캠페인 공모전에 응모, 전시에 참여했습니다. 

효성의 첨단소재와 기술을 통해 안전하고 편안하게 일상 생활을 하는 사람들과 배경이 되는 자연을 통해 기술의 친환경성을 표현했습니다.

해당 아트웍으로 2023년 5월 25일부터 28일까지 무신사 테라스 성수에서 팝업 전시를 진행했습니다. 

©2023 Lee Seunghee Allrights reserved.

︎ Illustration : Seunghee Lee 이승희
︎ Planning & Producing : pixpills™️xHyosung
︎ Year : 2023

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