ONE-TOP Sports card board game design
원탑 스포츠 카드 게임 디자인

We designed the basic version of one-top sports card game for KIKAKUV, who creates content based on sports records. We designed soccer and baseball, and worked on cards, packages, instructions, and some promotional materials.

키카쿠브의 원탑 스포츠 카드 게임 베이직을 디자인했습니다. 패키지, 카드, 설명서와 여러 홍보 자료의 디자인을 진행했습니다.

©2020 KIKAKUV All rights reserved.

︎ Client : KIKAKUV
︎ Design : NUMBER FOURTEEN® (Seunghee Lee 이승희)
︎ Illustration : Uruijff
︎ May 2020
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