‘Grandmother’s Appliance’ is a design research project. We put all output into the book.
This project’s goal is to find the meaning of appliance design from 1920s to 2010s in South Korea through our grandmother who is a living witness. 
To reach our goal, we gave a chronology of all kinds of machines that 6 grandmothers used in her daily life and all blueprints for every house where she had lived.

‘할머니의 전자제품’은 디자인 문화 리서치 프로젝트로 책의 형태로 결과물을 도출했습니다. 서로 다른 6명의 할머니들이 1920년부터 2010년대까지 사용했던 전자제품들의 역사와 할머니의 삶을 함께 나열함으로써 우리 사회에서 전자제품과 그 디자인이 가지는 의미를 되돌아 보는 작업입니다.

︎ Research, designed by Lee Seunghee and 20+ others
︎ Final designed by Jeong Eunkyung
︎ Maked Film by Lee Seunghee
︎ Exhibition Space designed by Jeon Sojeong
︎ Book Cover designed by Lee Seunghee (personal work)
︎ Design project for Graduation Exhibition
︎ 2014.03~2014.10 / Research, Editorial design, Set design